Bartender License

The bartender training courses and programs from interactiveBartender.com give you flexible options for bartender training.  Now you can take the courses from home on your computer and get certified through a series of online tests (quizzes) and work entirely at your own pace.  The time it takes to complete the training courses depends on you. You can move through each course as quickly or as slowly as you'd like and you can go back into each course and review the course material as much as you'd like also.

Advantages to Online Bartender Training from interactiveBartender.com
  • Course lessons utilize text, audio, video, images, flashcards, quizzes, and exams.
  • Print a certificate after you have completed the course or we can send it to you by mail.
  • Contains professional training video and illustration. 
  • Optional Professional Bartender's Training Manual & Recipe Guide.
  • Optional bartender practice kits containing tools of the trade for bartending.
  • Nationally recognized certification, sample resume, sample letter of recommendation, interactive tools like E-Flashcards, iBar Simulator Software, and more!!!
To get your bartender certification (Responsble Serving) course visit: